Our Story




Courier and Logistics  Management Institute (CLMI) is an academic and a professional institute that is situated in Lagos, NigeriaThe Institute is the first and the only in the world that is combining courier, logistics, management and transport at the moment.

The field of Courier and Logistics is relatively virgin globally. In the contemporary times, the business of courier and logistics has taken a global dimension and has become critical in national development. This prominence and the need to promote professionalism in courier and logistics services have made it imperative to establish the Institute to address the following:

  1. The gap between professionalism and service in the courier and logistics management sphere.
  2. The dearth of literature in the professional practice of courier and logistics management
  3. The training needs in the courier and logistics management industry.
  4. The entrepreneurship of courier and logistics management.
  5. Environmental impact of courier and logistics management.
  6. Government policies and courier and logistics management services.


  1. To produce highly qualified professional personnel in Courier, Logistics Transport and Management  vide world-class organized training and education
  2. To provide educational programmes that will lead to certification of professional grades through training.
  3. To promote the educational development of individuals and corporate bodies through seminars, workshops, conferences, summits and other professional undertakings.
  4. To ensure that members are professionally equipped constantly through continuing professional education and research.
  5. To collaborate with institutions of higher learning to develop curriculum on Courier, Logistics Management and Transport with the view to awarding Degrees and higher Diplomas to prospective students through the universities and other higher institutions.
  6. To ensure practical application of theoretical underpinnings of Courier , Logistics Management and Transport.
  7. To assist government in the formation of policies on the Post, Courier, Logistics Management, Transport and Regulation of the sector.
  8. To undertake consultancy services on the Post, Courier, logistics Management, Transport and Regulation of the sector.

Professional Certificate Courses

  • Certificates can be obtained in a range of specialized areas.
  • Diplomas are awarded for one to two years of study with CLMI.
  • Associate degrees usually take approximately two weeks duration.
  • Preparatory programs are an opportunity for students / corpers.

Professional Membership Grade

The Institute awards and inducts members into the Professional Grades like;

  • Graduate and student
  • Associate
  • Member
  • Corporate
  • Fellow and Corporate Fellow.

Our vision is to be the best professional Institute for Courier, Logistics, Management and Transport in Nigeria.

Our mission is to be efficient, effective and panacea Institute that will train and build highly qualitative Courier, Logistics Transport Entrepreneurs, Management Practitioners and students that are responsive to customer and socio-economic development needs.

Based on the global imperative of education or knowledge as a source of development and a critical resource in the contemporary business world of communication,  logistics,  distribution of goods and services, the Courier and Logistics Management Institute (CLMI) developed the following objectives;

  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Equity
  • Transparency
  • Accountability


  • Courses with full discount systems.
  • Certificates which can be used worldwide.
  • A leadership development program at CLMI.