Our Council, Board and Committee structure govern us. The Governing Council is charged with the administration and general management of the Institute. It gives policy direction through its oversight functions and holds its meetings, which are largely paperless, at least once a month.

CLMI Council Members
The majority of Council is elected by CLMI Members, supplemented by co-opted and ex officio Members. This is to ensure that Council represents the main sectors and interests of the whole membership.


CLMI Council Member’s List

1Courier, Logistics & Transport Emergency Management-Emergency Issues
-Courier & Emergency
-Logistics & Emergency
-Emergency Management
-Transport & Supply Chain Management
-Transport & Logistics Management
Directors, General Managers, Managers, Principal Officers, Field Officers, Courier & Logistics Operators, Transport & Logistics Operators e.t.c3-5 DaysLagos
2Distribution & Government Interface-Distribution Management
-Network & Destination Planning
-Route Management
-Government Policy on distribution
Directors Generals, Managing Directors, Directors,
Ministers(Transport, Communications, Planning, Budget, Works) etc.
2-3 DaysLagos
3Supply Chain Management-Element of Transport & Logistics Management
-Supply Chain Process
-Transport Environment
-Supply Chain Solutions
Courier & Logistics Operators, General Managers, Directors, Managers, Store Managers, Transport Officers. etc.3-5 DaysLagos
4Mail Room Management-Definition
-Mail room Structure
-Mail room Operation
-Mail room Performance & Evaluation
-Route Planning
Logistics Managers, Officers, Banks, Courier Companies, Insurance Companies, Manufacturing Companies, Postal Organization, Other Corporate Bodies.2 DaysLagos
5Sales & Credit Management-Modern Principle of Sales Management
-Modern Marketing Techniques
-Credit Management Techniques
-Debt Recovery Techniques
Sales Managers,
Marketing Managers,
Credit Managers,
Business Managers, etc.
3 DaysLagos
6Fleet & Delivery Management-Nature of Fleet
-Vehicle Management
-Delivery Management
-Route Planning
-Customs Operations
Managing Directors, Directors, General Managers, Managers, Courier & Logistics Operators, Principal officers, delivery Managers etc.3-4 DaysLagos
7Electoral Logistics Operations-Distribution chain Management
-Forward & Reverse Logistics Management
-Effective Planning in distribution network
-Warehousing & inventory Management
-Security implications of the electoral process
Directors & Logistics officers in Federal, State & Local Government electoral officers, Directors, Field Officers in Ministers of internal Affairs, Transport, works etc.3-5 Days Lagos
8Humanitarian Logistics-Role of key Agencies/Cluster in Humanitarian logistics
-Locating Facilities & Temporary Settlement Planning
-Humanitarian Relief Chain Management
-Humanitarian Relief vs Commercial Supply Chain.
Managers & Officers in Emergency Agencies, Refugee Organizations, Military & Paramilitary Organizations, NGOs, Courier companies, etc.2 DaysLagos
9Emergency Logistics-Introduction to Disasters
-Emergencies & Relief Chain
-Emergency Logistics Strategies
-Emergency Performance Measurement
-Relief Material procurement (e-procurement)
Managers & Officers in Emergency Agencies, Refugee Organizations, Military & Para-military organizations, NGOs, Courier Companies, etc.2 DaysLagos
10Logistics Information System Managem-Emergencies Information Techniques
-Geographical Information System: E-maps
-Joint Supply Trucking
-Spatial Data Infrastructure for Transport
-Integration of Enterprises
-Resource Planning (ERP), Warehouse Management system (WMS) & Transportation Management System (TMS)
-Emergency Logistics Field Operations Manual
-Demand Chain Management & Networking.
Managers & Officers in Logistics Companies, Postal
Organization, courier companies, Maritime organization.
2 DaysLagos
11Management-Management Techniques
-Management Principles
-Theories of Administration
-Manpower Developer
Data Management
Human Resources,
Managers/ Officers, Administrative Managers, Officers, Head of Department of organization
2 Days Lagos
12Entrepreneurship-Business Forms
-Risk Management
-Business Management
Entrepreneurs, Investment Managers/ Officers Portfolios, Managers in Manufacturing, distribution & Business organization2 DaysLagos
13Communication Skills -Forms of communication
-Communication Strategies
-Speech Writing
-Computer Appreciation
Managers/ Officers in business organization
Public Relations, Schools, Protocol, Relationship Dept, Courier, Pharmacies.
2 Days Lagos
14Warehousing-Types of Warehouse
-Functions of warehousing
-Automation & Storage system
-Inventory Management
Manager/Officers in Warehousing, Transport, Logistics, Courier, Distribution companies etc.2 DaysLagos
15Marketing Communication-Branding & Packaging
-Relationship Management
-Delivery (Distribution)
Managers/ Officers in Marketing Companies, Public relations, Sales dept, Customer dept, Courier companies, Pharmacies.2 DaysLagos
16Investment Planning-Feasibility Report
-Investment Options
-Investment Funding
CEOs, Entrepreneur,
Business Development Managers
2 DaysLagos
17e-Commerce-Operational concept
-Technology in e-Commerce
-Route planning & Management
-Payment arrangement
Managers in Courier, Logistics, Transport, ICT Companies, Postal Companies, Super-Markets, Pharmacies2 DaysLagos
18Courier, Logistics & Technology -ICT
-Automation in Courier & logistics
-Tracking & Tracing System
-Courier & Logistics Solutions
-GIS (Geographical Information System)
Managers in Courier, Logistics, Transport, ICT.2 DaysLagos
19Courier, Logistics & Security -Security System in Courier & Logistics
-Fraud Detection in Courier & Logistics
-Surveillance in Courier & Logistics
Managers in security companies, courier, logistics, police, military and para-military.2 DaysLagos
20Logistics & Transport-Operational Concept
-Passenger Transport system
-Freight Logistics
-Route Planning
-Fleet Planning
CEO, Manager in Courier, Logistics Transport.2 DaysLagos
21Driver Training -Quality & Responsibilities of a good driver
-Causes, Effects, & prevention of road accidents
-Defensive driving techniques
-Vehicle Maintenance
-Introduction to highway codes.
-Traffic offenses and penalties.
-Ergonomics (Posture)
Psychometric Test
-Stress Management
-Modern Driving skills
-Modern vehicle technology analysis
-Health & Safety Management
Driver & Transport officers of Federal, State, & Local Government electoral offices,
Drivers & Transport Officers in Ministries, Government Parastatal & other corporate bodies
3-5 DaysLagos