Courier and Logistics Management


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Logistics management is a crucial part of any manufacturing or trading organization’s success rate; the basic essence of logistics management is to organize the movement of goods and services from one place to another by different means of transport such as sea, rail, air or road.

Time sensitivity is key in the delivery service of any organization; this is one of the fundamental elements in Courier Management.

Professional staff uniquely trained for the challenges of large logistics networks is key to remain competitive in globalized markets.


Introduction to Courier, transport and logistics management

Definition of Courier, Logistics and Transport Management

Objectives of Courier, Logistics and Transport management

Costs associated with Courier, Logistics and Transport Management

Maximizing customer service


  • Introduction to Logistics
  • Fleet maintenance management
  • Transportation and distribution planning
  • Transportation fundamentals and optimization
  • Measuring and improving fleet performance
  • fleet utilization



  • CEOs
  • Managers
  • Senior Managers
  • Workers
  • Courier Companies
  • Prospective Logistics and Courier Entrepreneurs

– Wholesale and Distribution Companies

– Pharmaceutical Companies

– Haulage Companies.

– Warehouse Managers

, etc.


This course is designed for five weeks


  1. There are five Modules.
  2. One Module shall be taken per week.
  3. The Modules are divided into five lectures with the commensurated period of study as below:
  4. Lecture One ———— 30 Minutes
  5. Lecture Two ———- 60 Minutes

iii. Lecture Three ——— 30 Minutes

  1. Lecture (Session) Four –30 Minutes
  2. Lecture Five —————- 40 Minutes
  3. The total number of hours for the five weeks = 3 Hours, 10 Minutes.


N30,000 per participant


The five weeks will start counting from the date you commence the course. After the five weeks, the programme lapses and you will not have access to the course again. If you fail the course, you will start all over again until you obtain the required score.

Reading Pattern and course materials after the payment for the course

  1. Lecture One —— 30 Minutes
  2. Logistics Process
  3. Courier Operations Management
  4. Lecture Two —- 60 Minutes
  5. Route Planning
  6. Fleet Operation Management
  7. Cargo and Freight Operations
  8. Lecture Three — 30 Minutes
  9. Warehouse and Inventory Management
  10. Lecture Four ——-30 Minutes
  11. Courier and Cargo Regulations
  12. Lecture Five ———-40 Minutes
  13. Discussion
  14. Conclusion
  15. Questions/Assessment
  16. References