The objective of this courier management system is to reduce the day-to-day work hectic by
automating all the manual work of courier-related organizations into computer-based work.
Courier management system aims at keeping the track of employee information, apart from this
details about day-to-day courier senders, receivers, courier men, hub details, and prices and
products which are sent using courier services. Also, it keeps the track of all the companies
that use courier services daily or most frequently in order to give them special discounts so that
they can use their services daily.
All the databases with a backup is being stored on the server of the system. This reduces the
manpower and increase the efficiency of the work demands.
Existing System:
The existing system has no automation. All the work is done manually. The existing system has many
flaws such as in the existing system, the sender needs to first send the letter or have to go to the
shop for sending the courier and then after some days the courier will be sent when the courier
a man comes and receives the courier.
The existing system takes a lot of time. Also, the time taken is very much for sending even one
courier. Thus existing system needs to be changed.
Proposed System:
In the proposed system, all the work is automated, and no wastage of time should be done. In
the proposed system, all the work is automated. If someone needs to send any courier then he or
she can just login into the panel and send a request to the courier company and then the
courier team can themselves contact you.
In the proposed system, we need not waste our time in any procedure or in following any
step and all the work is done so easily without taking much time

The requirement is as same as for logistics and transport management

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