The MBA in Courier and Logistics Management teaches the strategic and operational role logistics plays in the global business environment, with an emphasis on pan-European and global systems as it relates to material sourcing and project distribution. Learn how businesses evaluate and configure their supply chains to adhere to and compete with major trading blocs.

The MBA in Courier and Logistics Management deep-dives into key topics related to global logistics such as contrasting domestic and international logistics systems, further exploring the main components of supply chains on a global scale and how logistics are involved in supply chain management. Learn about the history and development of regional trading blocs, and international trade, and their implications on logistics management and supply chain channels in the MBA in Courier and Logistics Management. Understand how e-logistics and rising organizational developments arising from contemporary issues impact supply chain configurations and logistic activities.

Learning Outcomes

The completion of this course will equip every participant to be able to know the following:

  1. The whole concept of Courier and how it works.
  2. Operational essentials of Logistics
  3. Route network planning for deliveries.
  4. Efficient and effective handling of delivery activities.
  5. The regulatory policies governing general courier operations.