The MBA in Project Management will teach you the skills to influence internal and external stakeholders such as peers, subsidies, agencies, partners and employees to successfully deliver on a project objective. Covering both theoretical and practical project management tools, learn a framework to help improve managerial and project decision-making.

Benefits of an Online MBA in Project Management

This Project Management course will teach you how to analyze the theories, practice, and working principles of project evaluation and management, with a focus on how to critically evaluate key project objectives such as quality, time, cost, and the interaction and trade-offs between them.

Develop your understanding of the human dimensions in project management, applying theories and concepts to this element to manage operational challenges and dilemmas.

Graduates with an MBA in Project Management can take on operational and project management roles across multiple functions and industries including construction, consulting, marketing, HR, and more. It’s a versatile degree suitable for managers across multiple different functions and departments.

Career Path

The University has seen its graduates gain successful employment in many different disciplines and as such have built their careers in a range of industries in the public, private and non-profit sectors.


  • Ph.D. – Doctorate program

The MBA in Project Management will teach analytical approaches to the basic principles of project management, focusing on clear-thinking strategies to manage challenges and dilemmas that occur during a project life cycle. Learn about portfolio management techniques and the importance of tracking key aspects of a project life cycle such as costs, quality, time, and scope management. Enhance your team building, negotiation, and conflict resolution skills and your ability to incorporate them into helping meet project deliverables.

Finally, the MBA in Project Management will touch on how to evaluate a finished project using a reviewing process of success criteria, performance indicators, and other factors, to continuously improve performance with future projects.