Objectives of the Programme

a. To refine and structure the attitude of Investors.
b. To identify various investment options.
c. To show the dynamism of the current business environment.
d. To establish the professional philosophy of practical demonstration of theoretical underpinnings in the various course options.
e. To identify core areas of Business Management, Logistics, Courier, and Transport Management for business development.
f. To teach the concept of silos in organizational individualism(organizations/departments operating without synergy) to promote business growth.
g. To identify the challenges of government regulations on the business environment and proffer solutions.

Expected Benefits/Outcomes of the Training
After the training, the following benefits are expected to be realized by participants:
a. Acquisition of knowledge of investment options by all participants.
b. Knowledge of business development as an essential option for business growth.
c. A clear knowledge of finance portfolios and risk management.
d. A better comprehension of the dynamics of the contemporary business environment.
e. Acquisition of professional knowledge in respect of attitude in business as well as logistics, courier, and transport administration in the distribution chain.
f. Comprehensive knowledge of elements of supply chain management, including forward and reverse logistics.
g. Knowledge of effective planning in the distribution networks.
h. Knowledge of ICT in warehousing and inventory management.
i. Knowledge of security implications of the business processes.
j. Knowledge of tracking and tracing for effective monitoring and delivery.
k. Proper comprehension of government regulations on the business environment.
l. Exposure to our national and international collaborations.