Warehousing and Inventory



Warehousing is a critical element in Logistics Management. Following the global dynamics and the increasing turnover of goods as well as the consequent imperative of storage management, it has become expedient for Logistics Operators to acquire adequate knowledge of Warehousing. Many goods have been lost, misplaced, and damaged because of inadequate warehousing arrangements. Supplies are delayed in a number of cases because of the unprofessional arrangement of warehouses which has made it cumbersome to easily locate items in the warehouses. Less emphasis has been placed on warehousing as a result of an inadequate understanding of its benefits and importance in general trade and commerce. The knowledge of warehousing is, therefore, necessary for relevant individuals, organizations, households, wholesalers, and distributors of general goods and pharmaceuticals, retail shop operators, warehouse operators, etc.

Course Outline

  1. Definitions
  2. Principles and Characteristics of Warehousing
  3. Managing Warehouse Operations
  4. Inventory and Planning
  5. Legal Considerations and Warehouse Equipment
  6. Warehousing in Trade and Commerce
  7. Benefits and Importance of Warehousing as Logistics Solution


  • Manager/Officers in Warehouses
  • Transport
  • Logistics
  • Courier
  • Distribution Companies e.t.c.